What Problems Are You Addressing?

Justice is Global is organizing to resist the rise of nationalism. To do this, we are promoting a new vision for internationalism that aggressively tackles global inequality and climate change.

How does Far Right Nationalism connect to inequality?

Right wing leaders from Donald Trump to Theresa May to Narendra Modi are using the fear and suffering of decades of inequality and declining standards of living to stoke hatred and xenophobia. They’re winning power across the world and destabilizing global society. In fact, they’re pulling the rest of society with them, with nationalism creeping up on the left. Unions and historically social democratic organizations in the US and Europe are even adopting the narratives of the right. Justice is Global is bringing a real alternative and shifting the debate towards a positive vision of progressive internationalism.

How can you solve that?

We can address global inequality with a powerful international movement working to write laws that will materially change people’s lives. Think New Deal 2.0, but on a global scale. By organizing strategically in countries best positioned to help us reform existing trade agreements like USMCA or trade organizations like the WTO, we are building a coalition with the goal of achieving international victories that will impact billions of people.

What is your Policy Agenda?

Our policy agenda includes international wage protections for worker safety and wages, an end to corporate tax havens, environmental regulations, investment in green infrastructure and jobs, and public sector investment. We also have our sights on reforming Investor State Dispute Settlements clause in international treaties, which allow companies to sue countries for future profits.

How do you pass international legislation?

There are already international institutions that regulate the global economy like the UN, the IMF, the WTO and multinational corporate codes of conduct. Some of these already include laws that support working people. Unfortunately they’re not strong enough or enforceable. With a powerful movement we can change that.

What are you doing about Climate Change?

Climate change is a product of rampant inequality and a political elite that are complacent about the effects of environmental destruction on the vast majority of people. Exxonmobil knew about climate change in the 1970s and actively spread misinformation to protect their profits. To have meaningful actions on climate change we need the people most impacted to have a say in the laws that control their lives. We’re proposing a policy goal of a just transition to a clean energy economy with investment in green jobs and building the popular support around the world to make it happen.  

Even the Paris Agreement is not aggressive enough to avert climate disaster, and yet its support is waning because it lacks a vision to protect and grow working class jobs. Our vision for progressive global economic reform includes stronger environmental protections lacking in today's trade framework, but goes beyond that to fairly tax corporations to fund massive green infrastructure projects capable of making the green revolution politically viable.

What countries are you working in?

Right now we’re investing in major countries where we can leverage limited resources for global impact. In 2019 that is Germany, Hong Kong/China, Mexico, and the United States. As we grow, we’ll expand to other major countries and build a coalition that reaches all parts of the globe. Find out more about our approach by clicking here.

What is your relationship to People’s Action?

Justice is Global is a special project of People’s Action Institute. That means we both work with People’s Action member organizations and are fiscally sponsored by the organization.

How do I get involved in a Justice is Global?

You can take action by:

  • Subscribing to our mailing list

  • Donating

  • Contacting us to have your organization join the global coalition

  • Becoming an organizer in your community

Is my financial contribution tax deductible?

Justice is Global is a special project of People’s Action Institute, a 501(c3) nonprofit, and so yes your contribution is tax deductible! If you’d like to support candidate or political work, we also are connected to People’s Action, a 501(c4) nonprofit. These contributions are not tax deductible. Feel free to reach out to for more information.