Notes From the Field | Pamela Twiss

I’m an old dog.  After 33 years as a community organizer, I have learned a lot of tricks.  But more than ever, new tricks abound. Momentum theory, emergent strategies, a wealth of training pedagogies, political education, narrative work, and on-line training. The field of community organizing gets richer every year, with new thinking, strategies and challenges.

I participated in leading my first Webinar two months ago.  Molly Abbittista and I, both volunteer leaders with Justice Is Global, created a webinar on campaigns for European May, a collective of progressive organizers throughout Europe who are partners with Justice Is Global in fighting global neoliberalism.

European May and their allies, until recently, have focused on increasing the power of leftist political parties. Europeans have representative democracies,and as a result have their parties represent a much broader range of views that does the two-party system in America. Under Sören Brandes’s leadership, European May has been exploring a new model – the creation of a community organization outside of the parties, that can build power and put pressure on the system through  organizing. This is the model that American organizers on both the right and the left have used for decades. Build an organization and a base. Cut issues. Develop strategies. Run campaigns. Evaluate, and do it again.  

We know that the source of all power is relationships.  The source of building global power for the 99% is global relationships.  It’s not rocket science. . . it’s just work. Please let Justice Is Global know if YOU have friends and relatives in other countries who might be interested in organizing to fight global corporatism!

Benjamin Levenson