Confronting Right Wing Violence Everywhere | Matt Wehmeier

Following the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Odessa, and Dayton, Ohio, I watched the media bemoan the lack of gun control and the dangers of far right ideology. These are of course, important points. But one point people consistently miss is why far-right ideologies are on the rise and how to stop it.

What drives these shootings is a massively unequal society that can’t address people’s basic needs. One of the key ways people are coping with this alienation is by turning to the far right. We see this happening all around the world from Brazil to Sweden to right here in the US.

Since it is so easy for right-wing extremists to buy weapons, the violence instilled in converts is easy to act on in horrific ways.The favorite solution among center-left politicians and media personalities (gun control) is a good start, but it won’t address this source of the violence.

For lasting and meaningful change, What we need is to build a society that addresses the basic needs of all people, and that encourages them to lead productive and fulfilling lives without the need to turn to extremism. I’ve been so excited about Justice is Global because we’re committed to fighting for a world that works for all people, and to transform the systems that are causing people to turn to far-right extremism in the first place. 

Benjamin Levenson