American Factory in A Global Economy | Seong-Ah Cho

Recently, our Illinois Justice Is Global base had a viewing party of the brand new Oscar-nominated documentary American Factory which tells the story of a Chinese glass company that purchased a closed GM factory in Dayton, OH and the political and cultural struggles that ensued. The New York Times called it "complex, stirring, timely and beautifully shaped, spanning continents as it surveys the past, present and possible future of American labor" and we wanted to see it for ourselves and brainstorm popular education ideas related to the film.

In watching this documentary, we were reminded of why we do this work—the day-to-day hopes and struggles of working people in our interconnected global economy and the opportunities for solidarity and organizing—as well as the pressing need to answer the threat of nationalism which threaten to and often do divide people on the factory floor, in the halls of power, and in the audiences viewing this film. Our local work to organize towards the progressive internationalist future we need continues—join us at the next Chicago Justice Is Global Monthly Meeting on Sep. 17 and check out the film on Netflix and let us know what you think!

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Benjamin Levenson